Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Alright...time for a little shameless promotion.

 A few days ago I entered a contest on the MyGlam Facebook page for a chance to win an Urban Decay Makeup Vault! If you know me, you know how much I love Urban Decay, so I've obviously been dying to win. Of course, I love any makeup so I'd be dying to win regardless!

Well, I logged onto Facebook this morning to find out that I have not one, but TWO looks that made it into the Top 50!! Looks like I could have a chance! :) With that being said, in order to win, I'll be needing some help. They will select the winner depending on which photo in the Top 50 has the most likes. I'm doing okay so far, but I'm definitely not winning!

So my pretties, if you think I have any talent whatsoever and would like to make me a very, VERY happy girl, get your booties on there and VOTE! :P

 Here are the two looks up for winning! I'll post the links where you can vote (aka LIKE) directly below each:

Mermaid Inspired Look: VOTE HERE!

Neon Leopard Inspired Look: VOTE HERE!

Please please pleassseee and thank you! <3

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