Saturday, November 12, 2011


For as obsessed as I am with makeup, you'd think i'd been doing it for years. Technically, i'd say i'm still at a newbie status. Regardless of that, I have gotten a pretty overwhelming amount of cred from my friends for whatever skills I have developed within the last year of my makeup practice.

I have considered making my life as an obsessed makeup junkie public for some time now. It started with simply posting my makeup experiments on Facebook to share with my friends. While I would absolutely LOVE to post tutorials on YouTube, like the many makeup gurus I've watched for years do, I realistically just don't have the invisible female balls to do that. At least not yet. So, I think starting a makeup blog is the next best thing for me - share my obsession on a wider scale while still staying (relatively) hidden behind my computer. After all, what the hell, right?

So, here goes nothing.